Welcome to Maker Fun Factory

First Presbyterian Church provided Vacation Bible school for the 121 children registered from  ages 4 to the completion of 5th grade in the program, Maker Fun Factory.  This event  occured from June 5 to June 9.

A closing program for Maker Fun Factory was well attended on Friday, June 9th by family and friends. 

Our mission project this year will provide clean water for chidlren in Peru.  This project is under the direction of Operation Kid to Kid.  Thank you to everyone who donated money for children in remote villages in Peru to have clean water.    

        Experience the Following

  • Discover God's Word
  • Participate in memorable Bible learning activites
  • Learn catchy songs
  • Play teamwork-building games
  • Devour yummy treats
  • Experience one of a kind Bible adventures
  • Test out Science-Fun Gizmos
  • Participate in our mission project